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Pepsi-Cola & Other Collectible Auction

Saturday, October 8, 2022 10:00 am

Weeda Auction House, Belle Plaine, Iowa

Pepsi-Cola: 1950 cone top can; 1951 cone top can; 1945 double dot unopened syrup bottle; 1940 miniature bottle; 1939 double dot “Bigger – Better” menu board; 1951 “Special Today – Hits the spot” menu board; (2) 1954 “Have a Pepsi” menu boards; 1960 “say Pepsi, please” menu board; 1963 “say Pepsi, please’ menu board; 1973 “Pepsi” menu board; 1940’s counter top syrup dispenser; 1905 uncrimped bottle crown; (2) 1936 crowns; (2) 1945 crowns; 1939 10 gal syrup drum w/lid; 1940 10 gal syrup drum; 1960 1 gal paper label fountain syrup bottle; (2) 1964 1gal paper label fountain syrup bottle; (2) 1965 easel back 9”x12” “say Pepsi, please” metal signs; 1958 17”x46” “say Pepsi, please”; 1973 30”x24” “Pepsi” metal sign; 1973 31”x12” “Pepsi” metal sign; double sided flanged Pepsi sign; 24”x36” “Diet Pepsi” metal sign; 1990’s bottle cap tin sign; 2006 tin Nascar decorative car hood; misc repro metal signs; (3) 1940 trays; (2) 1955 trays; 1967 tray; tip tray “compliments of Pepsi’ floral tray; misc newer trays; 1958 “Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi” cardboard insert with aluminum frame & “say Pepsi, please” tag; 1961 “now it’s Pepsi – perfect at cookouts!” cardboard insert with aluminum frame & “Have a Pepsi tag”; 1967 “Taste that beats the others cold!” cardboard insert with aluminum frame & “say Pepsi, please” tag; 1950 “More Bounce to the Ounce” cardboard insert; 1951 die cut Pepsi girl; 56” Pepsi gas pump w/lighted globe; 48” corrugated plastic Pepsi Blue bottle sign; 50” corrugated plastic Pepsi bottle sign; 48” corrugated plastic Holiday Spice bottle sign; 1969 “say Pepsi, please” thermometer; 1971 thermometer; 1962 glass calendar ashtray; 1960 can lighter; framed 1940 cooling cabinet ad; 1930 24 deep pocket wood case; wood crate w/checkerboard lid; 1930’s yellow wood crate, Wm. Tehel Bottling, Cedar Rapids, IA; 1940 wood 6 pack carrier w/6 1940’s bottles; numerous wood cases; (3) 1947 metal 6 pack carrier; numerous 1963-1980’s cardboard carriers; 1963 Patio Cola cardboard carrier; “Take home a Case” wheeled cart display; (3) WWII Pepsi vending machine records; 1957, 1958 & 1959 framed magazine ads; framed 27”x11” paper “It’s got a lot to give”; 1950’s aluminum cooler; non-working & working clocks; 1954 lighted plastic Santa w/Pepsi bottle & cardboard easel back; 1960 50” cardboard Santa; 1965 53” cardboard Santa; Clothtique Santa w/sack holding bottle; ornaments; 1989 Santa plate; Pepsi Vanilla bottle cardboard standup; Britney Spears cardboard standup; Jeff Gordon cardboard standup; Michael Jackson poster; Michael Jackson 16oz can; (3) Jackson 5 World Tour 1984 cans; (3) 1960 steel cans; foreign cans: Israel, Iraq, Canada, Mexico, Japan; Jeff Gordon can; Big 10 100th anniversary can; 8 oz cans; Star Wars cans; 1990’s Christmas cans; 1940’s 8oz double dot unopened bottle; 1970’s Big Boss paper label bottle; (2) 1 qt glass Pepsi bottle; (2) 2 liter glass Pepsi bottle & (1) Diet Pepsi glass bottle; 16 oz paper label glass bottle; 16 oz foam covered glass bottle; 10oz embossed glass bottles; Shaq Atta Paq 6 pack carrier w/ 6 Shaq longneck bottles; 1948 12oz “2 Full Glasses” bottle; 100th anniversary 6 pack w/wood carrier; Russian paper label bottle; French bottle; 1970’s 8x15 “Don’t Litter” trash can; 1978 cake tin; Pepsi can grill; Pepsi golf bag, towel, balls, tees & markers; (4) 1960 wax cups; 1964 wax cup; (23) 1965 wax cups; (19) 1967 wax cups; (4) sets of 1958 bottle salt & peppers; (3) 1970’s pocket knives; bullet pencil; tape measure; Diet Pepsi nail clippers; 1960’s Pepsi tie clip & cuff links; double dot syrup glass; fountain drinking glasses; 75th anniversary pitcher & 11 glasses; 1973 Sylvester, Road Runner & Pep Le Pew cartoon glasses; 1976 Superman, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Boris & Natasha cartoon glasses; Caterpillar Tractors 40th anniversary glasses; Diet Pepsi “Uh huh” glasses; 1970’s can party lights; numerous corked bottle crowns; wall mount bottle opener w/box; (2) double dot match book covers; Pepsi hot/cold mini fridge warmer AC/DC; (2) 1970’s Pepsi uniform jackets; cast iron delivery truck; (3)Diet Pepsi “The Right One Baby” train box cars; (2) 1970 plastic toy dispensers; pair of 1970’s Pepsi bottle walkie talkies; 1970 Pepsi bottle transistor radio; 1978 Pepsi can transistor radio; 1990’s Pepsi can telescope; coin sorters; Pouring Magic snack service set; numerous die cast cars, trucks & truck banks; Tonka trucks; mini billboard; bottle Pepsi machine 2/ key; Pepsi’s the Best apron; Pepsi leather coat; Pepsi lawn chairs; The Encyclopedia of Pepsi Collectibles book; Pepsi Memorabilia…then and now book; many more items too numerous to mention.

Coca-Cola: Paper visor; napkin dispenser; straw dispenser; Santa plate; pinball machine bank; (3) pop machine banks; chest cooler bank; Bowl-o-rama bank; 2 bottle fountain; toothpick dispenser; sugar dispenser; salt & peppers; playing cards; mugs & plates; trash can; (2) tin signs; bear; cup dispenser; cereal bowls

Misc: Glass display case; Open neon light sign; old wine press; 1984-1999 coin mint sets; (2) embossed Dr. Pepper bottles; Squirt bottle salt & pepper; old Life Beverage wood crate & bottle; 4 boxes of baseball cards; locomotive piston; toy electric train buildings: A&W Root Beer, Union Pacific, Amoco, Shell, DMACC Foundry, grain bins, water towers, Sunrise Lemonade, churches, houses, numerous business buildings

Auction House open Friday, October 7, 2022 4 – 7 pm

Auctions Arranged & Conducted by
Col. Larry D. Weeda, Auctioneer, Belle Plaine, IA 52208
Larry: 319-444-2874 • Dale: 319-721-0704
Auction House: 319-444-3325
Clerk: Weeda Clerking Service

Lunch Served
TERMS: Cash or check w/I.D. Not responsible for theft or accident.
All announcements day of sale take precedence over all advertising.

Email: (Dale) dweeda@netins.net (Larry) weeda@netins.net

Website: www.weedaauction.com